Who Are We?

Everybody needs help sometimes. If you need help getting healthy – you hire a trainer. If your house needs some serious style – you hire an interior designer. So why hesitate in getting some help with your love life? Below you can learn about the people who are here – ready and waiting – to help you start connecting with quality singles in Wichita!

Emily is one of the top relationship experts and matchmakers in the Wichita area. She founded Wichita Matchmaking on the principles of integrity, patience, honesty and above all, helping others find love. Emily has always had a natural gift for reading people’s personalities and quickly assessing what makes them tick. Her education and background is in psychology and various coaching, such as life, fitness and nutrition. Emily believes in a holistic approach to matching and coaching, meaning analysis and consideration of the “whole person”, and not just certain aspects. “Two broken hearts can’t make a whole,” is her quote regarding this concept.

Emily has established and maintained a wide variety of networks throughout the Wichita area through various industries including matchmaking, fitness, modeling, television and travel. There is tremendous value in utilizing her networks while scouting for her clients.

Emily has been featured on major television networks, national television and radio marketing campaigns and covers of national magazine publications. Her specialties include professional matchmaking and relationship coaching.

Director of Marketing
Director of Scouting
Matchmaking Consultant
Matchmaking Consultant
Matchmaking Consultant
Matchmaking Consultant

Emily’s Wichita scouting team is established and networked locally, and they maintain a wide variety of networks throughout the area. There is tremendous value in utilizing these multiple networks while scouting for clients. Our team measures success by the success of our clients in meeting and establishing relationships with high-caliber matches.